Captain Slickpants DVD


Own BPO Films debut feature film "Captain Slickpants" on DVD today!

Synopsis: Gregg Henley (Ben Dietels) lives alone in his deceased Grandmother’s house. He spends his time devising strange aerobic routines, setting off fireworks in his backyard, and obsessing over Vanessa, a waitress at his favorite restaurant. Gregg’s dreams of a relationship with Vanessa become a reality when he finds her misplaced wallet and decides to return it and confess his love. With his best friend Steven O’Leary (Ryan Lintner) along for the ride, this seemingly easy task becomes a strange journey of twists and turns that’ll keep you guessing and howling with laughter up until the shocking finale.

Special Features: Drunken Commentary by Ben Dietels, Ryan Lintner, & Blake O'Donnell

Plus a sneak peak at the boys next film "Marko Friday Night"